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*waving* Hi! I'm Elle, the co-founder of Anterium. I've been in the interior design and soft furnishings industries since 2006, helping people just like you to create beautiful and individual homes through my little interiors shop in Warwickshire since 2012. I live in a wonky *characterful* Victorian terraced house with my (better) half that we spent 9 months renovating into our warm, cosy and (I think) stylish little home. I eat too much chocolate and pizza, watch heaps of YouTube and Netflix and wholly embrace the colour black (although my favorite colour is actually blue).

My business partner (and Mother, it's a family affair) is a very camera shy stonking great wealth of knowledge. She's been passionate about antiques for several decades (we'll be polite and won't specify exactly how many...). She's currently studying for her Masters Degree in Antiques and is the resident Oracle here at Anterium. She's a Pisces, 5'6" and *actually* enjoys salad.

I grew up surrounded by curious and unusual things, intriguing and sometimes creepy old antique shops, funny and crazy antique dealers and eerie items that spark the imagination; it's no wonder that my own passion for antiques has blossomed as I've grown. Combining this with my love of interior design was always in the stars. They go hand in hand.

There are so many serious reasons for bringing antiques into your designs. Not only are they usually insanely good value for money (especially for the craftsmanship and quality you're getting), they're eco-friendly and the ultimate way to re-cycle. They retain value (and sometimes even go up in value!) so if you like to change up your vibe every now and again, you don't have to keep saving up because guess what? Your last piece just paid for your new piece. They have such an enormous wealth of character that can't be rivaled by melamine and chipboard made in a factory; I mean they've actually seen Georgians powdering their wigs, Victorians playing parlor games, Downton Abbey level dramas and glamorous golden Gatsby parties. If only they could talk...

These loves have brought us to found Anterium; a place where you can find amazingly chic, fun and genuinely interesting pieces for your home. No mass production - just amazing, unique things that we source ourselves. Not only this but we want to share the love and passion, so through our Instagram page and YouTube channel (coming soon!) we want to give you the low down on the sometimes ludicrous history of items, how to know if what you're buying is fab or drab and how to style antiques once you've got your mitts on them. I even occasionally waffle on about fabrics and wallpapers and the like.

Follow us on Instagram for our latest jabberings and discoveries - Click me! - We hope to inspire you and see you around soon!

Elle xxx

P.S. If interior fabrics and wallpapers are your bag, check out our dedicated website which is regularly being updated!